Healing From ME: More Benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

In my last article, I was writing about the many ways in which the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can be used, whether we are suffering from illness or not. I wrote about how it can be useful for tapping on physical or emotional symptoms, how it can be used for “clearing” limiting beliefs (“I’m not the sort of person who can do… ” or in the case of a condition like ME “I’ll never get better. I’ve tried so many things, and nothing has ever worked”) and adopting more powerful, empowering beliefs (“others have got better, so why can’t I? I am open to trying new ways to heal myself.”), and how it can be used to work through and eliminate fears and phobias.As I said last time, I am at a time in my life where I seem to be using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) a lot myself, and a lot with clients. And one of the other ways it can be used which is incredibly powerful is to affirm the positive in one’s life. So, for example, if you are in a happy or joyful state, you can tap on some or all of the points and literally tap that high vibration into the cells of your body. Or you can use it with affirmations -literally saying the affirmations as you tap. Or you can use it with the Law of Attraction and visualisation – tapping as you are in touch with what you would like to bring into your life can “super charge” the attraction process.A lot of people ask at this point – how is it possible that the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) “clears” the negative stuff when you tap on it, and yet strengthens the positive? From what I have read, there are no definite answers to this. One possibility is that when you tap on the positive, you often have a little voice in your mind saying: “No! That’s not possible.” Or “you’ll never be able to do that!” (more on that below), and that the tapping works by clearing that negative voice. For me, it’s less important to know how it works than to know that it really does work – and this is my experience from working with these positive affirmations and statements myself and with many clients.Now, back to those little voices. One way to strengthen the positive or the affirmations is to pay attention to what is happening in your mind as you affirm the positive. As you hear that little voice saying “you’ll never get better” or “you won’t be able to do that” or “people like you aren’t good at that kind of thing” – just bring that into the tapping, and you’ll soon find that the power of those self sabotaging thoughts and voices diminishes. And diminishing the power of those little voices can lead to very deep healing.The last thing I want to say about the Emotional freedom Technique (EFT) is that it is a tool which can be used in a session with a trained therapist like me, or on your own. When I work with clients, I am often able to see things that you can’t see yourself (blind spots – and of course I have them too! And that’s one reason why I regularly work with other therapists); also, I am trained in energetic patternings, so can often see how particular physical symptoms have manifested from the energetic, and be creative in helping you move through them; finally, I am quite intuitive when I am working with clients – which often leads to deeper results.Having said all this, I love to teach my clients the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) because it is such a powerful self help tool. It can be used when you are in the “grip” of a painful emotion such a sadness, grief or anger, and it can also be used at times when you’re not actually in touch with the emotion but you are using it as part of a planned approach to letting go of something. It’s something that really helped me when i was really ill with ME- I used it for physical symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, inability to concentrate and making healthier choices with my nutrition, but it was also incredibly helpful for working on beliefs around getting well and recovering.It’s now a key part of the way I work with people recovering from ME.

Stress, Illness and Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques has emerged from a growing field of science with quite profound research findings and results amongst its consumers.The work of Dr Callahan and Gary Craig may be familiar to you. The scope of application ranges from applying emotional freedom techniques to illness to proactive use of the techniques to experience greater emotional vibrancy and life.It is widely acknowledged that in spite of the advance of technology, the stressors of a modern society have taken its toll. Workplace stress has reached excessive proportions, and has played its part in an under performing global economy.Whilst the average lifespan may have increased, so has the incidence of chronic disease, with heart disease claiming the number one spot.Heart disease claims more lives than the top six cancers combined. Cancer, diabetes and respiratory disease are the other common chronic illnesses.When you consider this, the actual illnesses are usually symptomatic of a cluster of emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual threads that define our lifestyle, which when out of harmony breed these illnesses.Whilst it is well documented that excessive stress can lead to chronic and degenerative disease, there is still a stigma attached that prevents closer attention and care.It is somewhat ironic that many place more value on their cars than their well-being. A car gets an MOT and Full Service yearly due to the wear and tear of travel and to ensure safety on the road.However the human body and the human life embodied is arguably a more important vehicle. Yet many do not do the equivalent of car maintenance where their lives are concerned.One of the biggest components of health that warrants more attention is in the area of the emotions, rather than just the mind. Unresolved emotions can be as damaging to health as unhealthy thoughts, yet this is an area that remains relatively neglected.It is fascinating that scientists can now measure the frequency of a thought and an emotion. Emotional Freedom Techniques works with the human energy field and in particular where unresolved emotions disrupt the human energy field.Scientists can show the difference in frequency between a diseased and health cell. The way Emotional Freedom Techniques work is by tapping on certain energy areas of the body known as meridians, whilst making certain statements in relation to the issue being worked on.The results gathered in the study of emotional freedom techniques is such that Deepak Chopra MD declared that “EFT offers great healing benefits”.In many documented cases, therapy times have been reduced with profound physical healing as well.Another colleague Eric Robins MD went one further when he said “Someday the medical profession will wake up and realise that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, EFT will be one of their primary healing tools”The research and case studies of results have gathered so much momentum that in the last two years there has been a World Tapping Summit.The World Tapping Summit is an online event and a good place to receive educational content on this approach, and watch inspiring real life accounts. You decide whether this is worth exploring and adding to your life’s tool kit.